Learn How The ATB Sniper Indicator

 Could Earn you $10k (or more) of extra profit returns per month by following the huge price action surges which signals many times per day

***This tool is exclusively for Meta Trader 4

Learn how to get into position just right before a major breakout. And the method used is based on the highly reliable triangle breakout. 

Hello Traders! 

Every day, we come to work we all have a couple goals in mind for our traders.

The first goal is to help market traders find a strategy that works best for them.

The second goal is to then help that trader execute that strategy once the trader find this strategy to implement into his trading plan

With that in mind, we want to tell you a short story…

The other day our team were brainstorming what we think is the most powerful price action pattern that occurs on any chart so that we can develop a new system so our traders can crush it in the markets.....

Pretty simple topic to discuss right?

Well...no two traders are not alike.

Each trader has their own strategy and their own strong points that make them successful.

Many of our team members chimed in and discussed why they think patterns like channels are powerful while others prefer trends reversal and pullbacks.

Others think pin bars and Fibonacci sequences do the trick consistently….

As we were going about our business and discussing this subject extensively one particular pattern seemed to keep coming up in the conversation.

Triangle patterns .....

It was incredible to us that in just a short conversion we all realized this pattern alone is responsible for most of huge moves you see happening on charts...

This single pattern alone is responsible for some of the highest winning strategies ever created by pro traders around the world.

Once we figured this out we went ahead and tried to find a tool that could help us figure out a better way to accurately trade the patterns and put all our strategies together to form a unified and highly accurate strategy.

To our surprise there was not one single tool out there that can help a trader with these patterns…

So what did we do?

Well this particular occurrence is not new to us and actually happened to us before…

We developed one of the highest quality Fibonacci Indicators ever created due to there being no helpful tools for any platform. And traders all around the world currently use that tool daily to trade with the Fibonacci Strategy

So just like we did with that tool and the other systems we have created this is what happened….

We pushed forward and developed a laser sharp system that shows the trader the best and most consistent pattern only any chart and any market that will occur 50, 80, sometimes even 100 times in a given time frame per day!

We like to look at Market movement as in a huge  game of tug of war...

Tug of war is basically a contest in which two teams pull at opposite ends of a rope until one drags the other over a central line and becoming victorious. 

We are going to show you how to make consistent money immediately when the buyers and square off at one another...

This Specific Game of Tug of War Means Exponential Profits for Every Market Trader Serious About Trading Profitably

So what does tug of war have anything to do with trading you may ask?  

Well if you think in terms of price action it means everything for market traders! 

When the price is going up the BUYERS are winning this very pricey game of tug of war.\

Conversely, when the price is going DOWN the sellers are winning.

But what if there is a standoff in buyers and sellers?

When this happens this is what you will see:

And do you know exactly what happens when a winner is determined?

BOOM! Price surges to the upside or downside immediately. 

Take a look at this below:

Price surges immediately up or down in a flash which will result in quick profits and rapid account growth.

Still want to see more proof?

Check these chart images out:

So now you see just how powerful these patterns can be in any market condition and time frame?

Each of the above chart images we just showed you happened in Forex, Stocks, Bitcoin, Futures, and Options.

But most of the time they are missed by traders because it is hard to keep an eye on your charts for hours in a given day...

Never Miss a potential $10,000 Trade Again With the New ATB Sniper Indicator designed to Make you a MASTER Triangle Pattern Spotter

If you desire to become not just a decent trader, not even a good trader, but a GREAT trader then you are in for a treat with this pattern recognition system…

What make this indicator stand out from any of the other tools you will come across as a trader is the mathematical algorithm specially crafted in such a way it will show you the most up to date signal.

If we were to try to explain this mathematical system you may be here for sometime because there is literally thousands of elements we looked for to draw these signals on your chart with the ATB Sniper Indicator.

So by now you are probably chomping at the bits waiting to see this indicator in action...

And we know for a fact that there is nothing out there like this for sale anywhere in the marketplace  because we looked and we found nothing but junk!

So let's unpack this indicator now with you and check out all the fine details that make this state-of-the-art indicator a must have for any serious trader who wants to make a living by following these huge price action surges the ATB Sniper will spot in any market condition…

Here is an Inside Look at the Specifications that Make ATB Sniper Produces 
Never Seen Before Accuracy Signals!

The first feature we want to show you is the biggest part of the indicator:
the triangle itself built automatically.

- A True Masterpiece

As you can see above, the triangles are drawn for you on your preferred time frame.

The battle between buyers and sellers happens on any market so this pattern will be laser sharp in Forex, Stocks, Options, Futures, and Bitcoin! 

Meaning, yes, this indicator is designed for every Market Trader!

This triangle can adjusted in color and appearance so it appears exactly how you want it to look:

So if your favorite color is Green, then make your triangle patterns green!

Or maybe some of you like pink....

 All Traders are different, so we made sure that we covered everyone with our ATP Sniper Indicator.

The amount of calculations that went into making this triangle appear makes this indicator one of the most advanced indicators ever built for traders!

Our development team even mentioned this is without a doubt the most complex indicator we have ever created on the back end for traders.

Which means, there were countless hours put in fixing and ironing out the bugs we came across to get you one of the most simple indicators to trade with.

So we are doing all the grind work, we are doing all the calculations, and we are determining if there is a valid triangle forming so that all you need to do glance at your charts and follow the rules of our system.

Triangle breakout are powerful, most traders could agree on that. But what if there was a false break? 

False breakouts can be defined as:

“When price temporarily moves above or below a key support or resistance level, but then later retreats back to the same side as it started.”

This was a huge hurdle we had to jump since this does occur from time to time.

Our software development team put their heads together and integrated a complex algorithm that will determine if the breakout is legit or just a false breakout.

Check it out:

One of the most powerful features that this indicator comes with is the trading alerts.

These will happen immediately when critical part of strategy has been completed.

Not only will you see the current triangle being built you will also see the previous ones drawn on the charts!

It will look something like this:

Then, we also added in the ability to see the pre- previous triangle signal.

As you can see it will show you previous signals and the pre-previous signals so that you can keep track when the pattern changes.

Sometimes you can get lost with these patterns if this feature was not implemented so that is why we built this into the software.

Say you are looking back in time and you want to see exactly where the triangle would have been drawn..

Well... instead of messing with those drawing tools on your platform we gave you the ability to automatically place these on to your chart.

Here is how it works:

SImply click Detect Triangle” and click on an area on the chart you wish to see a triangle built (if applicable)

The ATB Sniper Indicator will automatically place a stop loss and take profit target for you instantly!

When there is a break of a triangle pattern it will instantly alert you and let you know where the best Stop loss level is and where you should be targeting.

It will look something like this:

The stop loss is automatically determined and placed at the best location and you can then adjust the Risk/ Reward Ratio depending on you.

Learn How you are going to Save 1,825 hours a year of chart analysis with the ATB Sniper Indicator

When you sit down and think about how much time you have spent in your trading drawing line after line on your charts you might be surprised.

Think about this...

If you have been trading for 5 years.

And you have spent let’s just say 1 hour a day drawing triangle patterns on all the markets you trade…

You would have spent 1825 hours or 109,500 minutes drawing, deleting, redrawing, triangle lines on your charts. Not bad if you have that much time in your busy lives.

And we aren’t that busy so this amount of time drawing on your charts is fine right??

Not exactly…

Check this Study out:

So, yes, we are all busy and we need time savers!

The ATB is designed to save you more time than you ever could have imagined…

So let’s use the same time example as above, but now instead if doing it manually you throw on our ATB Sniper Indicator.

Say you have been trading with the ATB Sniper that required no drawing but simply just adding it to your charts for the next five years...

According to our calculations you will spend a total of 1 minute and 30 seconds drawing, redrawing, deleting, etc. Triangle patterns on your charts.

Meaning that the only time it took for you to do all these tasks was implementing the indicator on to your charts!

That means you would have saved a total time of 109,410 Minutes by using the ATB Sniper!

Now if you are that dedicated and have spent that much time you must be a master of drawing triangle patterns right?

Well, you may be good but are you that accurate good?

Out ATB Sniper is near perfect when it comes to detecting triangle patterns.

It's simple to follow and is going to add so much success to your trading career you may get tired of winning so much :)

Success adds so much value to a trader’s life

It’s easy to get stuck in the “stuff” mentality: Defining success with fancy cars and big houses. But, as we all know deep down, that’s not the mark of a successful trader or a successful person.

Some of the people showing off their “success” are in debt up to their eyeballs.

Success is spending the majority of your time focused on work that is fulfilling, while maximizing your potential and helping other people in a meaningful way.

Of course, the first part of success as a trader is growing your account....

A growing account is the most powerful tool on earth. It means you can create money out of thin air to do what you want.

And you can do it wherever and however you want.

Like at this luxurious palace:

When you want...

If you want long weekends and want friday's completely free…. Then skip them! No more work on Fridays

With whom you want…

If you want to be your own boss, then be your own boss. The freedom is almost limitless when it comes to a fulltime trader!

And once you are successful, you can help others trade too...

Teaching someone something so powerful, like becoming a successful trader, has a huge value and you’ll be able to share that value with whomever you choose.

That, my friend, is TRUE success. And it’s what we designed the ATB Sniper indicator to do

To help you become a successful, confident and financially free trader in the shortest amount of time possible without killing yourself to do it (or paying us your life savings either).

That is something we wish for each and every trader that we meet, Which is why we are so excited to give you this powerful new tool.

We are so confident that the ATB Sniper gives traders, regardless of their current situation, an instant boost to become successful at trading for a living.

How great would it be to find an indicator that would enable you to be in total control of your trading success?

And do this by using little to no effort..

Now, to be clear, you are still in control of the ATB Sniper indicator.

Yes, it gives you the exact details of where and when to enter and exit trades… But you still need to take the action to follow the ATB Sniper Trade calls.

The indicator is simply a tool for the job..

It will take the stress completely out of trading and will make you feel in total control of your charts!

We are Highly Trusted by our Members: Here is what Real Live Traders have been telling us

We want as many traders to test and use this system so that is why we chose to develop this on all of these popular trading platforms!

The Benefits are endless, but here are a few of the most powerful benefits you get with the ATB Sniper.

Not $1,999 

We will knock off a near 90% of that price today

Did we mention This super Delux Bonus Scanner Dashboard Saving you 7+ hours a day of chart analysis!

This indicator is great by itself but we always go above and beyond the call of duty by offering you extra features that you will not find anywhere else on the market..

Arguably the most popular feature that will come with the ATB Sniper is the signal dashboard.

The reason why is the signal dashboard is going to be equipped with many unique features that will show you instantly what the current market is doing with each specific time frame.

It’s make trading with the ATB Sniper indicator 100x easier and effective!

It also comes with friendly alerts:

Timing is everything and this particular tool will not only save precious time but it will also allow you to scan the markets like never before.

This Triangle scanner dashboard is valued at $2199 but you pay nothing for it because we are giving you this 100% free of charge!

Scanners are the most time saving tools you can find simply because they can show you multiple time frames and multiple currency pairs, stocks, commodities, bitcoin, and so on.

Whatever you trade the scanner will provide that data for you instantly :)

Note** This Bonus Scanner Dashboard available now on MetaTrader 4

Grab The ATB Sniper Indicator + Dashboard 

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ATB Sniper Indicator (MT4 Version Only)

For only a limited time right now before we raise the price for good…

We know this tool will help you so here is what we will do for you right now.

This is For you If:

You are a beginner trader who wants to learn how to trade the market.

You desire to make a good living trading.

 Time is critical- you have an extremely busy schedule!

 You enjoy custom indicator dashboards.

 You need trading alerts to keep you notified.

 You trade any market.

 For traders who have been struggling to find a winning system.

Now… This offer IS NOT FOR YOU if:

You have no desire to succeed in trading.

You do not want to learn the strategy used with this indicator.

You will try it one time and say “nope not for me.”

 You are searching for a “get rich quick scheme”

 You think that growing a trading account is all fake.

 This is not for people who are not willing to put the time and work into learning the trading techniques that we offer to you.

 You go from trading system to trading system and have no desire to stick with something that works for you

Ok... you heard the offer, you only have a few things left to do.

Right now go ahead and secure this offer by clicking the button below.

This price point will only be this low for a limited time before the price of this indicator + dashboard

goes up for good!

Grab The ATB Sniper Indicator + Dashboard 

$37 for MT4 Version Only

ATB Sniper Indicator (MT4 Version Only)

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